Greetings and welcome to my website.

Upcoming publications:

A flash, “River of Running Lava,” has been accepted by Necessary Fiction, and will be published in May.

My short story “E Ticket” will appear in June in Little Fiction.   This is the “E Ticket” I’m referring to.

A flash, “The Girl Who Flies With the Superhero” will appear in the Summer 2016 issue of The Vignette Review.

“We’ll Fly Away” will be included in the Sky+Sea Anthology by Sugared Water/Porkbelly Press (which makes beautiful hand-bound chapbooks and magazines).

Recent publications:

My non-fiction piece, “Fill in the Blanks,” is in the March 2016 Memoir issue of Split Lip Magazine.

My flash “No Problem, No Problem” is live at Jellyfish Review.  This piece was inspired by a trip to Uzbekistan, a dysfunctional tour group, and the fabulous Osman Quran.

“Kaddish” — the first flash I published — has been reprinted at FlashFiction.net, with a rather lengthy description of how I wrote it.

My flash “The Girl Who Waits for the Superhero” is up at Atlas and Alice.

My short story, “Dress Rehearsal,” is in  The Rumpus for December.  Perfect timing, since the story’s about The Nutcracker ballet — and inspired by my being a ballet mom.


The Review Review has a great review of the April 2015 issue of Pithead Chapel and my creative non-fiction piece in it (“The Synagogue on Piata Rahovei”): “the desire to explore runs strongly throughout, and the spirit of adventure is thankfully still alive and well, something the piece strongly embodies.”

Read more of my work hereHere I try to describe myself.